What I’ve been Doing Behind Your Back

Celebrating victories was on my mind this week. As you know, I am always working on a bunch of stuff in the background. What you should also know is that above all else, I am a parent. That role takes first priority in my life. In my post “How to Make your 2017 Fierce with Purpose,” I shared with you that my life’s purpose is to give my son the very best set up for his life. I know I’m not alone. Many of you are parents as well. Hopefully, that is also your first priority, before business, after your faith, if you have one. In any case, I’m sure you want to know what I’ve been doing behind your back.

Perry enjoying sushi with jr

In the last few weeks, I’ve been working like a dog with my partner, Perry,  in Singapore on our Inspired Parent Insights Podcast. We started recording in January. Despite the 16 hour time difference, we managed to collaborate efficiently. That is a testament of living in the digital age. It breaks down all time zone and geographical barriers. I’m pleased to announce that our Inspired Parent Insights podcast has just hit iTunes this week. And I invite you to check it out.

What’s the Big Deal about Inspired Parent Insights?

By now, you know that I’m not a typical accountant. In fact, I don’t even do accounting. I hire an accountant to do my accounting. I’ve got the letters, sure. But picture the first things you think an accountant should look like, and turn that picture around 180 degrees. That’s me. I’ve never professed to be an amazing accountant. In fact, I’ve never aspired to be a numbers person. And…quite frankly, if that’s what you think an accountant is, you’ve got us confused with a calculator.
What I’m interested in is being a successful entrepreneur, investor, and thought leader. And I’m interested in grooming my son to be exactly that.  I’m convinced that these skills cannot, absolutely cannot be done via academics. It cannot be done strictly through a school system. It starts with me, as his mom. I know I’m not alone in my philosophy.

So What?

If you’re a parent, the answer’s obvious. If you’re not, you’ll still gain insight into our science-backed discussions about what it takes to be an exceptional leader, how the future paradigm will shift, and what you can do now to optimize the potential in your life.
Enjoy the podcast and we’ll chat again next week!

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