Do you Have the Aptitude to be Rich?

Most every child born in a developed country dreams of one day being rich when he grows up. As we get older, this dream gradually fades as we start to settle in the confines of what we believe to be true for us. If this fate isn’t for you, the alternative is that we can constantly look for opportunities to fulfill our childhood desires.

Last Sunday, Perry and I had planned to do an episode on our top favourite quotes from T.Harv Eker’s Secrets of a Millionaire Mind. We ended up doing something else, but now I’ve got my mind on my top five favourite quotes. They act as a beacon guiding my life to achieve my worldly desires.

Incidentally, if you have never heard of T.Harv Eker, you should consider picking up his book:

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It’s an easy read. Once you’re done, you’ll never look at your job, your time, and your future the same again. I have long subscribed to his ideas, and even met a person who had been instrumental designing and facilitating his ‘Minds of Steel, Hearts of Gold’ training back in the day. By the way, I’m going to secure an interview with him for our Art of Consulting Podcast, coming live on iTunes and Stitcher shortly.

Ok. Here we go.


1. If you want to Change the Fruit, you have to Change the Roots. If you want to Change the Visible, you have to Change the Invisible first.

Do you ever wonder why most of my posts on this blog is categorized under ‘Champion Mindset?’ It’s because of this quote. Without first establishing the mindset, which Harv calls the ‘roots,’ we can’t grow anything. This is as logical for plants as it is for human minds. Last week I wrote about the importance of being positive, and constantly having a mindset that supports where you want to go. Your mindset is either the wind in your sail, or the weight in your anchor. Even as Andy and I are creating the foundational structure for our group coaching program, the first thing on which to focus is mindset. It’s not enough to go through the mechanics of updating resumes, and finding work without the thought and frame of mind that supports it. You can, but I’m willing to bet that you’ll convince yourself out of your journey at the first taste of defeat, temporary as it may be.


My friend Joan climbing in Thailand.


Ok. Let’s say that I’ve thoroughly convinced you to overhaul the old mentality and install a new mindset that will support you. What are some ways to go about doing this today?


Consider yourself in the place where you have achieved your goals.

As Dr. Robert Anthony advocates in my top favourite book (Beyond Positive Thinking)… if you want to quit smoking, picture yourself as a non-smoker. For that millisecond, you were a non-smoker! As you practice considering yourself where you want to be, what you want to have, and what you want to do, you gradually wrap your mind around it. It slowly becomes part of your world. I do this daily in my meditation. I swear by it.


2. How you do Anything is how you do Everything.

When I interact with someone… anyone who tells me what they aspire to do, I can almost always tell whether or not they will be successful. It’s no magical ability. If you understand that ‘how you do anything is how you do everything,’ you just need to take a look at the other areas of their life. A confused mind attracts confusion. A negative mind attracts (crap) and negativity. A self-sabotaging mind attracts self-sabotage.



The military understands this concept. Talk to any soldier, and they’ll tell you that one of the first things that they need to do every morning is make their bed with utmost precision. Even the slightest misplacement of a pillow lands them 100 pushups and laps around the compound. Aren’t they being a little unreasonable? It’s only a bed, after all. No, it’s not. “How you do anything is how you do everything.” How you make your bed, applies to how you keep your house, how organized you are in your career, your finances… the whole gambit.

Take Care of the Small Things First

Said another way, if you want to have tidy finances, tidy every single other area in your life. Keep your home tidy. Finish every single morsel of food on your plate, leaving it clean. Make your bed. As you develop this habit for keeping your things tidy, your finances will soon follow.


3. Rich People Constantly Learn and Grow. Poor People think they Already Know

This one has to be one of my top favourites. There was once I listened to a podcast, whose name escapes me right now. The guy was recounting an anecdote where he was at an event and saw THE Sir Richard Branson in the front row. First of all, Branson was in the front row. Not trapped in the middle. Not to the side where he can make an easy escape. Not the back where he had to try twice as hard to focus. On his lap, he was holding a pen poised to take notes in his notebook. He stole another glance a little while later and noticed that Branson was constantly taking notes. Here’s what I take away from that little second hand experience. The vast majority of us think that we were done with learning the day we graduated from school. If taking notes at an event is good enough for Richard Branson, it’s good enough for me: life long learning.

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In fact part of Eker’s money management system is that about 5% of your income should be devoted to personal development. Here’s the thing: the type of learning is now up to you. Back when we were in grade school, we were mostly dictated what we needed to learn. Now that we’re done with that, we have the freedom to choose what areas we want to explore. No one said that life long learning is limited to academics. In fact, I’d rather stick a fork in my eye than take another Calculus course. Ugh. Now the learning part is fun! Think of whatever you were passionate about. Now’s your time to follow your curiosities. Pottery? Salsa dancing? Whatever strikes your fancy. The original point of learning is to follow your passions and follow what brings you joy. So do it! The best investment you can make is in yourself.


4. Rich People Believe: I create my Life. Poor People believe: Life Happens to Me

This is one with which I truly identify. Do you create your life? Or does life happen to you? Every time it rains or snow you might notice that people are down. I’m going to share a secret with you. Your day is going to go the same way regardless of whether or not it rains or snow. Yea! It really is! I know… hard to believe. But that’s the way it works.



While we’re on the subject of creating life on your own, here’s something I never seek. Fortune tellers. Why would you want to have someone tell you where your life is going to go, and then pay them for the privilege? It makes no sense! Their hindsight is always 20/20. You can’t ever prove their accuracy because you can’t ever go back in time and try the other alternative! Here’s my recommendation. If you want to be in control of your life, your finances, and your future, start thinking that way. Life doesn’t happen to you. You create your life.


What you Focus on Expands, Focus on the Positive

This one absolutely rules my life. What you focus on, expands. Honestly, it should be a no brainer. Think of world class athletes when they train. They focus on just one thing: their training. Nothing else matters. This is focus. Last week I wrote about the glass of water. Are you a glass half full kinda person? Or a glass half empty? You attract that on which you focus. It astounds me how people prefer to eat up all the doom and gloom around them. Perhaps it might be exciting to harp on someone else’s misfortunes, albeit unkind. However, now you know that your words create your world. By focusing on someone else’s doom and gloom, you literally bring it into your own world.


Rich People are Willing to act in Spite of Fear. Poor People let Fear Stop Them

This is a huge one. It’s one that I felt was really important to point out, especially if you’re a regular reader of ITsolopreneurs. If you’re attracted to the thoughts that I share here, it likely means that you know within yourself that you have the propensity to create your own destiny. The trouble is fear. It’s free to dream. But, the price of success has to be paid up front and in full.



This is what stops most people. It’s the fear of hard work, fear of failure, fear of uncertainty, fear of discomfort, fear of relinquishing control. In our private mastermind group, we recently asked our members to do a facebook live video introducing themselves and to share what their why was. Fear of all the things that I mentioned was common to everyone. Even me. Definitely even me. That fear never goes away. The difference is whether or not you execute in spite of the fear, or do you let the fear stop you? No other book hits the nail on the head better than Susan Jeffer’s “Feel the fear and do it Anyway.” She illustrates simple and practical techniques in exactly what we need to do to feel the fear and do it anyway. For years, I remember I had affirmations framed and hung in my bathroom, so that I see it every morning. If you’ve never read this book, I’d highly recommend it.



And this leads me to swimmingly into my last favourite:

Action is the Bridge between the Inner world and Outer World

The road to success is strewn with ideas and good intentions. One of my fears has always been that I could never measure up to my peers. Throughout my childhood, I was constantly compared to everyone else’s success, and asked why I hadn’t achieved the same. (Note to self: I won’t ever do this to Zane. It doesn’t accomplish anything, except to create an inferiority complex and discourage him from confidently focusing on his strengths.) This should be straightforward, you guys. I don’t care if you think you have the cure for cancer inside your head. Without action, you got nothing.



The truth is that everyone has the aptitude to be rich. It’s up to us to develop what we have within. The only way to do this is through learning, and personal development. It’s like magic. The more we develop ourselves, the more opportunity starts to show up in our lives. What are you waiting for?

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