How Do You Negotiate Overwhelm?

This weekend it got to me how much I actually have on the go. I’m launching two podcasts, while trying to maintain a blog, building digital products, working full-time, teaching fitness and still trying to put in some QT with two of the most important people in my life. On Friday, I took a picture…

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Top 5 Fitness Cop-Outs You Should Break Today

I was looking back through last edition’s CPA magazine and found an additional article on fitness that they published. I remember being interviewed for it, but I didn’t think that they ended up printing it. Turns out, they did. So I thought I would take the opportunity to add my two cents and discuss, in my…

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Are you Having Enough Fun in your Life?

My husband is an avid gamer. When I was pregnant a couple years back, I essentially turned into a pumpkin by 9 every night. I was out like a light. So Lawrence learned to fill his evenings with his playing Destiny online with his buddies. Ok. I realize how that sounds. It’s a video game,…

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How we got Role Models All Wrong

I don’t get to visit with my girlfriends often. This holiday season, I managed to carve out time to spend with a couple of my girlfriends, both of whom I haven’t seen in ages. We yapped for 4 hours. As we caught each other up on our accomplishments, our frustrations, where our kids were going…

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The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Eating Well When Travelling

Guide to Eating Well When Travelling

Here we go. Continuing on with last week’s 5 More Travel Secrets that will Help you Live Long and Prosper. This is the third post of my three-part travel series. I mentioned that the last, and perhaps most important element to ‘living long and prospering,’ especially on the road is what you eat. Yep. What you put in…

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