How Half a Glass of Water can Make You Happy

The power of positivity. This morning, I was listening to Hal Elrod’s Achieve Your Goals podcast where Jon Berghoff was interviewing one Robyn Stratton-Berkessel on the Words that Create our World. Robyn calls herself a Positivity-Strategist. She works with people essentially to elevate themselves such that they can be happier individuals, and produce better results.…

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What’s a Burn Rate and Why You Should Care

Ok, by now (hopefully) you’ve noticed that I’m female…and with women, people always think of the glass ceiling, or how women never get as high a salary as men do. But I beg to differ. even as a female working in a male-dominated tech industry, I think that consulting rates are not gender specific. And regardless…

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How to Be More Comfortable Around People

Comfortable Around People

You’re the technical expert. You’re brilliant. You’re seasoned in your field. Why is the doofus who can’t code a lick your boss? A common misconception and we see this happen time and time again in every organization. People, especially in IT, are hired in a technical position for their technical skills. Makes perfect sense, right? They…

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7 Ways to Win with Internal Audit

Ways to Win with Internal Audit

Just had a meeting with internal audit at my client. Never a popular group, but over the years, I have come to realize a set of tips to keep in mind that have saved my hiney, and ensures smooth sailing with the auditors. 1. Ok. The first rule in an audit meeting is to keep…

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Do you Think like an Employee or a like a Boss?

Mantis sitting on a rock, thinking with a cigarette in his mouth.

Let’s talk about mindset. Before you begin anything, mindset is key. I recently took a course in Internet Business Mastery and the first week alone was spent on mindset. The great Michael Jordan once said, ‘I take two shots. Once in my mind, and once in reality.’ Talk to any professional athlete,  and they will tell…

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Six Key Success Factors to Achieve Freedom

Freedom. I’ve been thinking a lot about freedom lately. In North America, it’s tossed around almost to the point of trite as it’s used in a plethora of varying perspectives. Freedom is the core reason of why we work so hard, why we develop our careers, and why we just try altogether. As an Asian…

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Guest Post: Are Business Cards a Thing of the Past?

My most recent guest post on Recruitment Partners came out, and I’d like to ponder a question of relevance…. of business cards, that is. Do you still carry them? Chances are, your company printed off a bunch for you. I’m willing to put money on the fact that they have been sitting in your top…

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Ridiculously Simple Steps to Doing Less and Living More

A few months ago, I wrote about how we are always jumping on a moving train. As you know, the train never stops moving. Maybe it might slow down at some point. But waiting for that to happen before starting something new seems both unrealistic and unnecessary to me. Instead, what if we found ways…

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Guest Post: How to Make a Smashing Introduction

Two months ago, I was asked to be a monthly contributor to Recruitment Partner’s blog here in Edmonton. Of course, I happily accepted. I’m pleased to report that my first guest post published recently!   Who did I Write This for? Introverts who find it uncomfortable to meet new people in a large group setting…

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