5 Travel Secrets That will Impress your Friends

Travel Secrets That will Impress your Friends

Part of the deal about contracting is that there is an element of travel as part of your job. These next few posts will be a series of gems that I have compiled for travellers, whether it be for business or pleasure. The other reason why I chose to write about travel and working away…

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5 BS Facts About Creativity Everyone Thinks are True

I’ve always considered myself a creative individual. Growing up, I was an only child until I was 7, so I spent a lot of time playing with imaginary friends, scaling castle walls of my bunk bed, and doing Wong Fei-Hung kungfu with my mom’s broom handle in the backyard. I’m not sure what it was exactly…

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The Simplest Ways to Use Body Language to Convey Confidence

In last week’s post The Insider’s Guide to Reading People, we talked about how to read people’s body language. Now, let’s talk about how we can use this to your advantage. After all, it is all about you, isn’t it? (Correct Answer: Yes) After this post, you’ll probably get more insight on how to people…

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The Insider’s Guide to Reading People

Guide to Reading People

Body Language. We all do it. We all witness it. I’m sure I”m telling you nothing new when I say that more than 80% of our communication is non-verbal. The stats vary among sources, but we can agree on one thing: Most of your communication is via body language. We usually just fail to pay…

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